Corporate recruiter

Recruit the best (IT) talent to work at the heart of the Dutch internet!

  • Fulltime: 40 hours a week
  • Experience: min. 5 years
  • Education: higher vocational or university
  • Salary: € 3.500 - € 4.500
How you'd explain your job at a party

I make sure that SIDN brings in the talented people needed to boost and maintain internet security in the Netherlands.

What you'll be doing

The labour market is tight and overheated. Competition for talent is fierce. Aeroplanes, hot air balloons, red carpets and champagne: employers will use anything to tempt the best people, especially in IT. But you're a pure corporate recruiter. You know that recruitment isn't about gimmicks and doesn't have to be a struggle. It's about knowing where to find the top talent and what will make them want to join one of the Netherlands' most unique employers: SIDN. You understand how to communicate our USPs to relevant target groups and how to persuade them to apply for jobs. The various on-line recruitment channels are familiar territory and effective targeting is second nature. Meaning that you'll be able to make productive use of the target group dashboard and ATS available to you at SIDN. Continued expansion of relevant networks and ensuring that SIDN has a high profile amongst IT students and recent graduates are activities you look forward to. Activities that you'll be undertaking as part of a team of communication specialists and HR professionals to highlight the exciting challenges that we can offer to talented people at all stages of their careers. Your professionalism and customer focus will be reflected in the way that you:

  • Oversee, run and enhance SIDN's recruitment process

  • Perform vacancy intake assessments together with vacancy holders

  • Write targeted recruitment texts

  • Appraise applicants using an ATS system

  • Run and oversee the recruitment process (including scheduling interviews with participants, giving feedback to applicants and managing deadlines)

  • Hold job interviews

What we want

At the SIDN Group, you'll be working for a reliable, innovative employer. We expect you to have an approach to match: proactive, enterprising and able to keep the recruitment process running like a finely tuned engine. You'll play a pivotal role in job interviews, identifying the right people to join our team and managing all stages of the recruitment process. As a skilled communicator, you'll be able to advise stakeholders at all levels of our organisation. You'll also be persuasive, with a knack for getting colleagues to back an approach that takes their interests into account. Networking comes naturally to you; you're always doing things to extend your network. You're good at spotting weaknesses in the recruitment process and seeing what needs to be done to improve things. That implies being inquisitive: you're someone who wants to know about the latest recruitment trends, and you pick up on developments that can help you do your job and help the organisation prosper. You also see how new ideas can be implemented in practice. Your qualities include:

  • Higher vocational or university-level working and reasoning

  • Commercial insight

  • At least five years' experience as an independent corporate recruiter, preferably in IT

  • Experience with data-driven recruitment

  • The ability to devise and implement innovative, creative solutions

About us

SIDN, in full the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands, is an independent organisation that manages the .nl domain. In 2017, we joined forces with Connectis to reinforce the market for digital identities as well.Connectis supplies software and ID tokens for secure access to public and private services. There's more to domain name registration and secure log-ins than you might expect. We therefore have a team of 150 people dedicated to ensuring that the Dutch internet is as secure and trustworthy as possible. Some are based in Arnhem, others in Rotterdam.

Take a look at the missions and visions of SIDN and Connectis for a fuller picture of who we are and what we stand for. At SIDN and Connectis, you'll see more jeans and tee-shirts than sharp suits. It's a setting where you can be yourself. And there's always something going on: family days, Christmas dinners, sports days, barbecues and even weekends away together. Join in or do your own thing; it's fine either way. Maybe we'll see you soon?

Read more about SIDN

What you can expect

As a Corporate Recruiter with the SIDN Group, you'll be part of a dynamic, enthusiastic and supportive HR team, where hard work and a positive atmosphere are key. The other team members are the HR Manager, an HR Advisor and two HR Officers. You'll also be part of the Labour Market Communication Scrum Team. Not familiar with scrum teams? Don't worry. It's a management term, for a group of people who link arms and push together to achieve certain goals -- in this case effective labour market communication goals. The team consists of a scrum master, a product owner, someone from HR and someone from Communications. Together, you'll ensure that our employment brand enriched and that we're visible and accessible to target group members. You'll be able to choose where you work. We have a modern and colourful site in Arnhem, and offices on Weena in downtown Rotterdam. If you live between those two cities, you'll be able to do some of your work from home. Naturally, you'll have the flexibility and independence to make sure you're where you're needed, when you're needed.

Pay and other benefits

We're not secretive about things like pay and holidays. Why would we be? After all, SIDN offers really good packages. So we're happy to put our cards on the table. And we're not just talking about the little perks, like great coffee whenever you want it and a supply of fresh fruit for dipping into. We're confident that the pay and extras you'll get as a Corporate Recruiter will put a smile on your face. Take a look for yourself:

  • Gross monthly salary of up to €4.500 ,-

  • Flexible working hours and the option of working from home when circumstances allow

  • Full reimbursement of travel expenses if you come to work by public transport

  • Travel allowance of €0,19 per kilometre if you come in by car

  • Travel allowance of €0,29 per kilometre for business travel

  • A holiday allowance of 8%, plus a year-end payment of 4%

  • A bonus of up to 4%, depending on operating results

  • 25 days' holiday and 13 days' occasional leave, if you work full time

  • An attractive pension with ABP, with an 80% contribution from SIDN

  • Education and training opportunities tailored to your wishes

  • €35 a month for your home broadband and €25 a month (gross) towards your health insurance

Everything above is for a 40-hour week.

The selection procedure does involve a Certificate of Good Behaviour (similar to a criminal record check) and reference checks.

Like the sound of the job?

Fancy the idea of joining our team? Give us a ring on +31 26 352 5500 or apply before the 23rd of December 2019 using the form below. If there's anything you'd like to know about the job or about the application process, just ask:

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