Trust framework management

Nearly everyone has at some time paid a bill on line or authorised a transaction using an e-ID. Few countries have embraced the internet as warmly as the Netherlands, and that's illustrated by the popularity of electronic identification and invoicing. The enabling technologies rely on 'trust frameworks': structures that let people and organisations do business on-line securely and reliably. We provide 'authority as a service', developing and managing trust frameworks for our clients.

We pursue electronic identity initiatives

When you shop on line, you want security. Ideally, you want to buy without giving any more confidential information than you really need to. It can be hard keeping tabs on all your personal data and remembering what you've shared with whom. And providing the same details again and again gets tiresome. Electronic identities or identification systems offer a way around those issues. We use trust frameworks to connect e-ID systems, making electronic transactions easier and safer for users. In connection with that role, we are involved in various initiatives

What makes us an ideal trust framework manager?

  • We are independent.

  • We have expertise in the management of internet standards and protocols.

  • We have considerable experience setting up and managing trust frameworks.

  • We are a non-profit organisation.

  • We attach great importance to electronic privacy, security and convenience.

Want to know more?

Please contact, Pim Pastoors,productmanager, by calling +31 26 352 5500 or mailing



Pim Pastoors


+31 6 570 454 07

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