Domain Name Surveillance Service

Your brand name is an important asset, so naturally you want to protect it well. And nowadays it's important to have the best possible brand protection not only offline, but also online. The SIDN Domain Name Surveillance Service (in Dutch Domeinnaambewakingsservice or DBS) helps you keep tabs on the registration of domain names resembling your brand name. Details of the Domain Name Surveillance Service are given below.

Who is the Domain Name Surveillance Service for?

The Domain Name Surveillance Service, or DBS, is attractive to companies, organisations and governmental bodies with a strong brand, a strong reputation or an e-commerce site/portal that processes valuable or personal data.

What is the DBS?

The Domain Name Surveillance Service is a monitoring service that identifies 'typosquats'. Typosquatting is a form of abuse that takes advantage of the fact that people sometimes make slips when typing web and e-mail addresses. Typosquatting can cause considerable damage to your brand and reputation and undermines the reliability of the .nl domain. As a DBS subscriber, you receive an alert whenever a domain names resembling your brand name is registered. So you are able to take prompt action when your brand is threatened. DBS utilises a direct link with the complete database of .nl domain names and scans in real time for .nl typosquats based on your brand name. As a user, you have access to the results via a web interface.

What are the benefits of DBS?

  • Rapid information about all .nl typosquats resembling your brand.

  • Ability to use multiple search terms and monitor multiple brand names.

  • Access to an intuitive web interface where you can manage all your results.

  • Ability to define categories and adjust workflows.

  • Programmable e-mail alerts for multiple users.

  • A service that is in continuous development to optimise your protection.

How does the Domain Name Surveillance Service work?

The Domain Name Surveillance Service is a monitoring tool that utilises a direct link with the .nl database. Using the DBS, you can keep tabs on all .nl typosquats resembling your (brand) name in real time. The DBS web interface lets you create multiple users and presents you with editable results. You can also define your own categories, control your workflow and set up e-mail alerts to match your preferences.  

Continuous development

DBS is an innovative product and SIDN is constantly looking at ways of adding intelligence based on risk profiles and indicators. So, for example, results might be sorted on the basis of various criteria:

  • Is there an active mail or hosting service linked to the flagged domain name, which could be used for spamming or phishing?

  • Does the website feature a log in or a logo similar to your trademark?

  • Has a similar variant of another brand name been registered before?

  • Is the registrant known?

Indicator data would help you to decide how great the threat to your brand is, as a basis for prompt intervention in appropriate cases. We are also investigating the possibility of extending DBS to include other (g)TLDs and the legal result follow-up.

More information?

Would you like to learn more about how the Domain Name Surveillance Service could benefit your organisation? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Daniël Federer, our Business Developer, will be pleased to explain what SIDN can do for your organisation. You can contact him by calling +31 26 352 5500 or mailing




Daniël Federer

Business developer

+31 26 352 55 00

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