Getdns software library nominated for Innovation Award

Getdns was recently nominated for the Innovation Award 2018. In the end, though, the DNS library missed out on January's big prize. That went to Let's Connect (eduVPN), open-source software for setting up a VPN infrastructure.

Getdns is an asynchronous DNS resolver (library), which saves application programmers all the headaches and complexities of domain name resolving. As well as handling DNSSEC validation, the software supports DNSSEC Roadblock Avoidance (RFC 8027) and DNS over TLS (RFC 7858; DNS Privacy). The code is written in the programming language C, but 'wrappers' for Python (pygetdns) and nodejs are also available. What's more, the getdns stub resolver Stubby can be used as an external system component with existing software.

Getdns version 1.3.0 was recently released, mainly as a bugfix. The software has been developed by NLnet Labs and others, and is free to use under the BSD new open source licence.

For background information about getdns, see this blog by Benno Overeinder, Director of NLnet Labs.


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