73% of business registrants opt for .nl

SIDN regularly does market research into the needs and experiences of people who register .nl domain names ('registrants'). In December, we asked the GfK research bureau to look at the experiences of business registrants, including start-ups. How did they find the registration process? Why did they choose .nl? The study yielded valuable information for us and for .nl registrars.

Experience counts

Business registrants generally find the registration process straightforward. 85 per cent of all business domain name registrations are made by people that have registered domains before. In most cases, a name is registered within a few minutes of being chosen. Inexperienced business registrants tend to take longer: nearly a week on average. However, first-timers don't have any difficulty with the process of finding a registrar and getting a name registered.

Help and advice

Most registrants register their domain names without any outside help. The less experienced ones do sometimes ask their web designers for advice, however. By contrast, 'old hands' usually take care of things themselves. Nevertheless, both groups checked out information on relevant websites, such as ondernemersplein.nl and mkbservicedesk.nl. About 60 per cent had already chosen a registrar before embarking on the registration process.

Brand preference

73% of all business registrants opted for .nl. For first-timers, the main reason was that .nl registrations are easy. Experienced registrants were attracted by .nl's reliable image. And the preference for .nl isn't easily shaken. If their first-choice domain name is taken, people usually go for another .nl name, not their first-choice name with a different extension.

Brand preference business registrants 12-2017


We translate the research findings into marketing campaigns aimed at the business sector. The first practical initiative has already been taken: a stand and presentations at the Webwinkel Vakdagen ('Webshop Trade Days') on 24 and 25 January. As the Benelux's biggest e-commerce show, the Trade Days are a great opportunity to tell webshop proprietors about .nl.



Michiel Henneke

Marketing Manager

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