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We are committed to sharing our knowledge of domains, domain names and internet-related topics. By doing that, we aim to further increase the value of the internet in the Netherlands.

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Up to March 2016 we published The.nlyst. You can find previous editions through the archive of The.nlyst.

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You find the publications and presentations of our Research and Development team at SIDN Labs publications.





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Webinar Legal Issues in Dutch: Topical Legal Issues for Registrars and Hosting Service Providers English synopsis of the SIDN webinar

Wolter Wefers Bettink en Lisbeth Meij 02-2016 NL/EN

Studies of SIDN




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The impact of DDoS attacks on Dutch enterprises SIDN/NBIP 11-2018 EN
Trends in internet use 2016 SIDN 11-2016 EN
Trends in internet use 2014 SIDN 11-2014 EN
Trends in internet use 2013 SIDN 12-2013 EN
Trends in internet use 2012 (in Dutch only) SIDN 07-2012 NL
  • Thursday 4 July 2019

    Internet security

    CGNAT frustrates all IP address-based technologies


    IPv4 is creaking at the seams

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  • Wednesday 4 September 2019

    .nl domain name

    Knowing about online brand use is vital for large organisations


    Cybercrime corrosive for online brand reputation

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  • Wednesday 13 March 2019

    Internet security

    Hackman hacks Lieke van Lexmond


    Campaign aims to raise security awareness

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