Security of .nl

Everyone wants to feel safe when they use the internet. Whether you go on line to play, watch, shop or read, you shouldn't have to worry about what might happen. So we work hard every day to make our part of the internet, the .nl domain, as secure as we possibly can.

What do we do to keep .nl secure and stable?

Veilig .nl

Here are just a few of the many things we do:

  • We monitor our systems 24/7

  • We train specialists

    Keeping .nl secure is specialist work. So we invest a great deal in recruiting and training people to do that job. And we encourage them to participate in national and international working groups to increase their knowledge. That means involvement in forums and organisations such as ICANN, CENTR, IETF, RIPE and NCSC.

  • We have a special incident investigation team

    TheĀ Computer Security Incident Response Team investigates all security breaches: events where a computer system may have been hacked. The team also keeps us on our toes where the protection of our systems is concerned.

  • We use distributed servers

    Websites and computers sometimes get hit by DDoS attacks. That's where thousands of computers are made to visit a site or access a system, all at the same time. The attackers hope that the site or system will crash under the load. We therefore have a distributed server set-up, so that we can fight off that kind of assault without you noticing. The technology we use is called anycast.

  • We exchange information about abuse

    We belong to the Abuse Information Exchange, where we work with service providers to keep each other informed about problems. We are also active in abuse prevention. So, if ever your domain name is used for abuse, we'll alert you. We do that through a scheme called ('abuse to zero for .nl').

    • We have a research and development team called SIDN Labs, which develops new technologies and systems to boost the stability and safety of .nl and the DNS, for example.

    • We work with NLnet Labs, SURFnet, TNO and others on the development of new internet technologies.

    • We also have research partnerships with universities and other knowledge centres.

  • We do lots of research and development

  • We have close links with the National Cyber Security Centre

    The National Cyber Security Centre is part of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice. We share our knowledge with the Centre.

  • We have ISO-certified information security

    Our information security arrangements are certified to ISO 27001. That means meeting strict requirements set by the International Organization for Standardization in order to get our certificate renewed each year. So we have to maintain a constant focus on the security of the data we manage.

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