.nl Control

With .nl Control, you have extra control over your domain name. No important changes can be made without first being approved by you or your agent.

.nl control

How does .nl Control work?

A .nl Control domain name is assigned special 'Limited' status. That means a member of our staff checks out every update request. We give you a call and ask you to sign off the change. If you do want your registration amended, you arrange it through your registrar (hosting service provider) in the usual way.

What are the benefits?

With .nl Control, you always have the final say. Important amendments are processed only with your approval.

What kinds of update are

  • Changes to registration details: registrant, administrative contact, technical contact, name server, DNSSEC key material

  • Transfers

  • Cancellations

  • Changes to in-zone name server glue records (optional)

What's possible without extra checks?

A transfer token reset requested by your registrar.

  • That doesn't need verification, because a .nl Control domain name can't be transferred without your approval.

The transfer of your domain name from one registrar to another.

  • If your domain name is transferred, we'll send you details of the new registrar.

How do you get .nl Control

You arrange the service as follows:

  1. Tell your registrar that you'd like to get .nl Control.

    The service has to be set up for each domain name separately.

  2. You complete the form accurately and in full.

    You need to include the name of the person who can authorise amendments. That may be you yourself or someone who works with you, for example.

  3. Send the form back to your registrar.

    • You make sure that the data provided is complete and correct.

      • You can also say who's authorised to approve changes. That might be you or someone acting for you.

    • You sign the form.

    • And send it in together with these documents:

      • A Trade Register extract

      • A copy of your ID

      • Or, if you aren't the registrant, but you're acting for them:

        • Written authorisation from the registrant

        • A copy of both your ID and the registrant's ID

  4. Your registrar will send everything to us.

  5. We'll call you to check that everything's in order.

    Once we've got the go-ahead from you, we'll assign 'Limited' status to your domain name.

  6. You pay your registrar for the service.

    The cost differs from one registrar to another. Just as for all other services that he offers.

Once the subscription is live, how are updates made?

You request an update through your registrar. We call you to verify the request. We also e-mail you.

  • Our e-mail gives details of the requested update.

You confirm the update request.

  • That's done by printing out our e-mail, signing it and sending a scan or photo back to us.

We make the update.

  • That can be done only during our office hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, Dutch time.

Want to know more?

Your registrar will be happy to help.

Are you a registrar with a question about .nl Control?

Please get in touch with us if you've got a question, or if you're thinking of offering .nl Control to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

You send your registrar the .nl Control Authorisation Amendment Form.

  • The form can be used to add, change or remove people from the authorisation list.

  • For an addition or a change, the new person's ID has to be provided.

You ask your registrar for a .nl Control Subscription Cancellation Form.You return the completed form to your registrar.

  • You need to sign the form.

  • If you're not the person who signed the original subscription form, we'll need:

    • A Trade Register extract

    • A copy of your ID

    • Or, if you aren't the registrant, but you're acting for them:

      • Written authorisation from the registrant

      • A copy of both your ID and the registrant's ID

If you cancel your domain name.If your domain name's registrant changes.



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