Becoming an affiliate

Do you feel connected to our activities? Or maybe you're a reseller with an interest in developments surrounding .nl? Then why not affiliate to SIDN?

Benefits of affiliation

  • You can access the registrars' website. That's a non-public part of, where we post information for registrars (hosting service providers).

  • You receive all the mailshots that we send out to registrars.

  • You're invited to our Contact Days and other events.

  • You get our digital newsletter.

What does it cost?

The affiliation fee is € 20.50 a year, excluding 21% VAT. With the VAT, that makes € 24.81.Affiliation fees are billed once a year and collected by direct debit.

What's the enrolment procedure?

Enrolment involves five steps:

  1. Download the enrolment form

  2. Complete the form.

    It's important that the information you give is correct and that you don't miss anything out, e.g. your signature. By completing the form, you also authorise us to collect annual enrolment fees by direct debit.

  3. Attach proof of who you are:

    If you're a private individual:

    A copy of a valid identity card, passport or driving licence, or an extract from the civil register, no more than six months old

    If you're an organisation:

    An extract from the Trade Register, Foundations Register or Associations Register, no more than six months old

  4. E-mail the form and the attachtment to or post them to:

    SIDN, Support Department, PO Box 5022, 6802 EA ARNHEM, The Netherlands

  5.  You will receive two e-mails in return.

We'll e-mail you as soon as your enrolment is complete. That can take up to five working days. In the first e-mail, you'll receive your affiliation number. In the second e-mail there will be a link, which you can use to create a password for the registrars' website.

When does affiliation take effect?

As soon as we let you know.We're allowed to decline affiliation requests.

  • We might do that if you've failed to fulfil commitments to us in the past, for example.

What other rights and obligations does an affiliate have?

See article 8 and articles 10 to 15 of the General Terms and Conditions for Registrars.  

 •    Insofar as they apply to affiliates.

Need more help?

If there's anything else you'd like to know, e-mail us any time at

Frequently Asked Questions

A registrar can register and update domain names, but an affiliate can't. Registrars can also use the Whois more often. They can submit more than five thousand Whois queries a day, whereas an affiliate can only make fifteen enquiries, like any member of the public.


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