• Tuesday 27 March 2018 Internet security

    Boost your security awareness!

    Check the practical tips to make you and your staff more aware of on-line security issues

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  • Tuesday 19 December 2017 .nl domain name

    A good year for .nl

    4 registrants talk about their domain names

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  • Thursday 5 April 2018 Knowledge bank

    Centralised DNSSEC validation on closed networks

    31 October 2012 The Authentic Data (AD) flag is used by caching DNS servers to indicate that they have validated the DNSSEC records. The idea is that the client doesn't then have to repeat the check. Use of the AD flag is, of course, safe only on a network where the security of the last mile is assured. Examples include company networks, campus networks and the closed networks belonging to internet access providers and mobile operators. On such networks, DNSSEC validation and DNS caching can be centralised on the recursive DNS servers.

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