• Monday 18 December 2017 Knowledge

    Preserving our digital heritage

    Unique sources of human knowledge and expression

    Afbeelding van Preserving our digital heritage
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  • Thursday 5 April 2018 Knowledge bank

    DNSSEC timing: absolute, relative and administrative timestamps

    22 February 2016 DNSSEC has changed the world of the DNS operator in two key respects. First, it has transformed the DNS from a primarily administrative system into a much more complex cryptographic platform (NL) that can be used for a wide variety of new applications (NL). Second, DNSSEC has introduced absolute times to a system that previously used only relative times (TTLs). Furthermore, with DNSSEC, the two timing methods need to interact. In this article, we consider the timing aspects of DNSSEC by reference to the settings in OpenDNSSEC (NL) (in the file /etc/opendnssec/kasp.xml). OpenDNSSEC is the most widely used DNSSEC solution for BIND named, (NL) which in turn is the most popular DNS server.

    Afbeelding van DNSSEC timing: absolute, relative and administrative timestamps
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  • Friday 22 September 2017 Internet security

    Veiliginternetten.nl privacy awareness campaign

    You're sharing more than you know, so think about your on-line privacy

    Afbeelding van Veiliginternetten.nl privacy awareness campaign
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