SIDN Connect programme

Details of the programme for SIDN Connect 2017 are given below.

Rickey Gevers

A hacker's story
Rickey Gevers – ethical hacker
11.15 - 12.00 option 1

In his teens, Rickey spent a lot of his down time on the internet and taught himself the art of hacking. He even managed to hack the servers of several Dutch universities, bringing himself to the attention of the FBI. In 2008, he found a way to access the University of Michigan's server. That got him into serious trouble and he spent eighteen days in prison. For several years now, Rickey has been working as Chief Intelligence Officer at cybersecurity firm RedSocks. He also works for the Hacker Company as an ethical hacker. In that role, he's been involved in the 3Lab Hackers programme, dedicated to exposing how computer criminals operate.

Jurjen Lengkeek

How Moore’s law is going to turn your world upside down
Jurjen Lengkeek - RDM Makerspace
11.15 - 12.00 option 2

Gordon Moore, one of Intel's founders, predicted that computer chips would double in power every two years. And subsequent events have proved him right. The power of computers is increasing so quickly that the possibilities now open to us are almost too enormous to comprehend. Things are coming within reach far sooner than most of us ever imagined. Jurjen Lengkeek, co-founder of RDM Makerspace, the IoT Academy and Cyber Central, will look at the implications of such rapid development and how the resulting opportunities can be used to enhance your products, processes and business models.

Jelte_JansenSecurity and privacy on the internet of things
Jelte Jansen – SIDN Labs
11.15 - 12.00 option 3

At SIDN Labs, we've decided that something has to be done about the security of the Internet of Things (IoT). Our decision to get involved has a very specific motive: we want to protect the .nl part of the Domain Name System (DNS) against DDoS attacks launched using domestic IoT devices. The need for action was made painfully clear in October 2016, when DNS operator Dyn was hit by an IoT-based attack estimated at 1.2 Tbps. In his presentation, Jelte will update you on the SPIN project (Security and Privacy for In-home Networks) – the vehicle for our research in this field. He'll give a demo to illustrate where we're at and sketch the wider IoT security landscape. His bottom line: there's no silver bullet to slay this demon.

Thumbnail SIDN fonds

From innovative project to high-impact success  
SIDN Fund project representatives
12.15 - 13.00 option 1

SIDN Fund is committed to helping build a strong internet for everyone. The Fund sponsors projects with ambition and added social value. Get to know the Fund and let yourself be inspired by three sponsored projects:  Otly (an e-banking app that teaches kids to manage money in an increasingly cashless society), Totem Open Health (open source alternative for wearable health devices, e.g. an ECG wearable for early detection of stress and burnout symptoms) and Patient Forum Miner (an innovative data mining concept that extracts valuable information from patient forums for use by fellow sufferers, doctors and researchers).

Christian Branbergen

Mining gold from big data
Christian Branbergen – Dataprovider
12.15 - 13.00 option 2

Clients' websites and domain names represent a huge – and hugely neglected – resource for registrars. According to Dataprovider's Christian Branbergen, registrars are sitting on a data goldmine, but very few of them are digging for riches. Christian will explain just how useful the data held by registrars can be. He'll also put on a demo to illustrate the possibilities and opportunities.

Bart Schermer

General Data Protection Regulation
Bart Schermer – Considerati
12.15 - 13.00 option 3

From 25 May 2018, all organisations in the EU that process personal data will have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The new rules will have significant implications for the hosting and domain name industry, mainly because they apply not only to firms that collect personal data, but also to those that host personal data for clients. Want to know how the GDPR affects you as a registrar or hoster? And how the GDPR interfaces with the ICANN rules on the registration of gTLDs? Bart Schermer, partner at Considerati, has the answers you need.

Chris-van-het-HofSIDN Gearbox
Chaired by Chris van het Hof
14.00 - 15.15 option 1

This is a session that no real SIDN registrar will want to miss. It's an opportunity to debate the issues affecting your industry with fellow registrars and people from SIDN.

Do you have a view on whether SIDN should publish the zone file, reduce registration fees or maybe even switch completely to a gTLD system? Then this session is for you! A panel will debate a series of motions under the guidance of Chris van het Hof, who'll also be inviting audience members to share their thoughts. At the end of each debate, the audience will vote for or against the motion.

Eshter Makaay

Workshop: Digital identities
Esther Makaay – SIDN/Connectis
14.00 - 15.15 option 2

In this roundtable session, you decide the topics. It's a chance to explore the themes currently shaping your world, subjects you're keen to know more about and things you want to discuss. On hand to share their knowledge will be a panel of digital identity experts. Possible topics: The Dutch eID landscape: DigiD, iDIN, Idensys, wood… trees??!! Opportunities for secure cross-border business with eIDAS.
Want to suggest a topic for this workshop? Let us know when you register or contact Esther Makaay by mailing

Marco_Davids Moritz_Muller thumb

Workshop: Next-generation internet 
Marco Davids and Moritz Müller – SIDN labs
14.00 - 15.15 option 3

Smart cities, self-driving cars and intelligent homes. Those are the things that spring to mind when people think about the next-generation internet. But what do such developments imply in terms of the internet infrastructure required and the non-technical challenges that the global internet community will have to resolve? Issues needing attention are likely to include security and interoperability on the Internet of Things, the ethics of artificial intelligence, centralisation of the internet infrastructure and the detection and neutralisation of cyber threats.

In this interactive workshop, you'll be able to debate the technical aspects of the next-generation internet and help us build a picture of the future envisaged within the community. Our time horizon is 2021(-ish), but we'll conclude the workshop by inviting you to help define the first concrete step that SIDN Labs can take in 2018. Following the workshop, we'll be keeping you informed about progress through the SIDN Newsletter, the RA and other channels.

Ronilla SnellenWorkshop: Join the Micro:bit expedition!
Ronilla Snellen – CEO Future NL
14.00 - 15.15 option 4

Always wanted to learn to program? The non-profit foundation FutureNL wants to prepare youngsters better for tomorrow's world by helping them develop digital skills. Skilling the next generation is a high priority for the nation, with the new government committed to embedding digital literacy in the school curriculum from 2019.

Ronilla Snellen, Astrid Poot and a team of experts have developed a Digi-klooikoffer ('Digital Muck-about Box'), which includes the micro:bit – a small microcontroller board developed in the UK by the BBC. The Muck-about Box is intended to let children learn through play what's possible with the micro:bit.

At the workshop, you'll be able to take part in a Muck-about Box lesson and learn to programme by doing some fun assignments.

Eduard Nandelall

Welcome to the revolution in on-line advertising
Eduard Nandelall - OptimusAd
15.30 - 16.15 Keynote

Eduard Nandelall, also known as the Dark Lord of Big Data, is CEO of OptimusAd. How much data is there? In 2016 alone, more data was gathered than in the previous hundred years. So where does it all come from? And are we about to witness a data revolution? Or has it already begun? There are no charges for using popular on-line services such as Google and Facebook. But, of course, there's no such thing as a free lunch. We pay for the services we use with our data. It's a principle that many of us recognise, but how many of us really understand how the system works? What can and can't these service providers see? How can, say, Walmart predict that a woman is pregnant before she knows it herself? What are the associated risks and how are advertising companies using your data? Eduard provides a guided tour of the hidden and fascinating world of big data.

Bas Nijhuis

Goal-line technology
Bas Nijhuis
16.15 - 17.00 Keynote

Enschede-born Bas Nijhuis started refereeing amateur football at the age of fifteen. After taking charge of his first professional game in 2005, he soon made a name as one the country's top refs. Who better, then, to tell us how tough the referee's job really is? Bas will be presenting videos from some of the games he's officiated at, and answering a wide range of questions. How do refs and assistant refs communicate? What does Bas think of the communication-related developments currently redefining the role? Bas is both a referee and an entrepreneur, and his talk will link the two worlds together.

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